2014/15 Department of Education Capital

A summary of capital spending for the year 2014-15

2014/15 Final capital outturn position

The final total gross capital outturn for the Department in 2014/15 was £184.3m.  The table below gives a breakdown how this was spent: 


2014/15 Capital Programme

   Final Position £k

Major Capital Programme         24,810
Schools' Enhancement Programme (SEP)           4,991
Minor Works Schemes      123,123
Youth Programme          6,218
Energy Efficiency Schemes        10,000
Other Capital        13,132
Lisanelly/Arvalee/GMI Schools (Major Work Projects)          1,997
Final Capital Outturn including TBUC Funding (Gross)      184,271


Major capital projects

The Major Works programme covers capital works projects with overall capital value greater than £0.5m to provide high quality educational facilities for children and young people. The following are examples of what a major capital project might constitute:

  • Construction of a new school building (either to meet an unmet demand for child places or to replace an existing school building of sub-standard accommodation)
  • Construction of a new school building to facilitate the rationalisation/amalgamation of two or more schools
  • Extension and/or refurbishment of existing school buildings

Schools Enhancement Programme

The Minster in his statement to the Assembly on the 25 June 2012 announced the establishment of a new Schools Enhancement Programme. This programme is to make funding of between £0.5m and £4m available for projects aimed at refurbishing or extending existing school provision. Priority was given to projects aimed at facilitating amalgamation or rationalization in support of the area planning work being undertaken.

Minor works

The minor works programme covers capital works projects with a value less than £0.5m.  This funding allows the Department to meet legal obligations to provide places for children of statutory school age in respect of nursery, primary, post primary schools and to meet inescapable obligations in respect of Health and Safety.


Assistance has been provided with the costs of capital works related to Youth premises.  This included improving facilities or access for people with disabilities, bringing properties up to current health, safety and fire authority standards, and towards child protection measures.

Energy efficiency projects (Spend to save)

In 2014/15 the Minister announced a £10m investment in a “Spend to Save” energy programme for the schools’ estate to assist with increasing revenue pressures and the Executive’s PfG commitments in relation to renewable energy and climate change. The Education and Library Boards took forward the delivery of the programme across all sectors.  Schemes which were delivered under this programme include:

  • installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels
  • natural gas conversions (and boiler upgrades)
  • installation of roof insulation
  • heating and lighting upgrades
  • installation of energy and water monitoring and control systems

Other capital projects

The majority of the Department’s capital budget is used to fund Major, Minor and School Enhancement construction works in the schools’ estate.  However capital funding is also required for a range of other services including the purchase of teacher’s portable devices, schools transport, various ICT projects, land purchases and costs associated with vesting new schools into the estate.

Lisanelly/Arvalee/GMI Schools

Lisanelly/Arvalee/GMI Schools are shown separately as they are all major work projects funded from a separate funding stream.

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