Coronavirus Guidance Note to All Educational Settings

Following a number of queries received by the Department, the purpose of this guidance note is to confirm that the Executive’s current guidance for non-domestic indoor gatherings also applies in educational settings. This means that indoor gatherings of children and/or adults (including parents) are permitted with indoor gatherings of more than 15 people requiring a risk assessment to be undertaken. The maximum number of people able to attend the event should be based on the risk assessment of the venue/room.

It is important that educational settings give due consideration to the range of issues around the holding of an indoor gathering and take all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Educational settings are strongly encouraged to take a cautious approach to the resumption of indoor gatherings, aiming to hold events outdoors where possible, and only seeking to organise an indoor event where it is considered essential to do so.

Where an indoor event is unavoidable, mitigating measures should be in place such as maintaining social distancing, wearing of face coverings, as well as good hand and respiratory hygiene practices. It is also important that indoor spaces are well ventilated at all times, by leaving doors and windows open. Frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, should be cleaned regularly. Pupils should be encouraged to stay within their class bubble wherever possible during the gathering.

It is important that schools remain vigilant and focused. COVID-19 cases continue to rise, and a collective effort is required across all sectors in an attempt to contain the spread of the Delta Variant.

DE Restart and COVID Response Team

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