The Engage II Programme 2021/22

The Engage II Programme aims to limit any long-term adverse impact of COVID-19 by supporting pupils’ learning and engagement on their return to school/setting through provision of high quality one to one, small group or team teaching support in every school/setting in Northern Ireland.

This continues the first year of the Engage Programme, which was launched in September 2020, and invested £16m in schools in the 2020/21 academic year.  A parallel programme also ran in Special schools.

Given the ongoing impact of COVID-19 related disruption on children and young people across the education system, the Engage II Programme will be expanded to include Special schools, funded pre-school education settings and EOTAS settings in 2021/22.

This was announced by the former Education Minister on 9 June 2021 


Guidance on the Engage II Programme is available on the Department's website.

This updates the guidance available for the first year of the Engage programme, and introduces additional flexibility and autonomy for primary and post primary schools.

Engage funding allocations

The level of funding due to settings has been determined according to assessed levels of disadvantage and number of pupils enrolled.  More detail on this is set out in the programme guidance above. 

A list of individual funding allocations to primary, post-primary and special schools and pre-school education settings for the period April 2022 to June 2022 is available on the Department's website.

A list of individual funding allocations to primary and post-primary schools and pre-school education settings for the period September 2021 to March 2022 is available on the Department's website.

Special schools and EOTAS settings have been notified of their funding allocations directly.

Engage: GCSE Mathematics Support Project

Given the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, all post primary schools with Year 12 pupils in Northern Ireland will receive funding to provide additional support to pupils completing GCSE Mathematics during the 2021/22 academic year. This funding recognises the key importance of numeracy skills and that pupils will be required to complete all GCSE Mathematics assessments in 2021/22.  Funding will be provided at a rate of £23.50 for each Year 12 pupil based on schools’ Year 11 enrolments from 2020/21.  Details of funding allocations are listed alongside schools’ Engage II allocations.  Further information is provided in Section 8 of the Engage II programme guidance document.

GCSE Mathematics Revision Resources

The Department advised schools that Year 12 pupils can access GCSE mathematics revision resources. A letter to Principals issued on 31 January 2022.

Engage Planner

All schools receiving Engage funding will be required to use the online “Engage II Planner” to capture a range of key information on delivery of the programme.  It is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible.  

The Engage Planner will allow the Department to -

  • better understand how schools are using Engage funding,
  • illustrate the range of interventions and support being offered, and
  • demonstrate the positive impact those resources are having on children and young people.

The Engage II Planner will be available for schools to access on the Wholeschool School Development Planning platform from mid October 2021.  Further information on how to access the system is provided in section 6 of the above guidance document.

Access Instructions for Schools

The Engage II Planner is accessible through Wholeschool software held on the C2k network by following these steps:

  • Log in to “MySchool” using your single-sign on password,
  • On the right of the menu, go to the App Launch Pad and select ‘View All’,
  • Choose the ‘Online Learning’ category,
  • Open the Wholeschool App in this folder (you may need to scroll onto the next page to view),
  • On the Wholeschool Dashboard, choose Engage planner  - click here to access and complete your Engage form,
  • Click on “Click here to start a new Engage plan”,
  • Name the plan,
  • Click the tick,
  • Then click on view from.

Video Resources

Further help and support on how to complete the Engage Planner, including an instructional video, is available on the application itself which schools can access via the icon on the My School dashboard on C2k.  Funded pre-schools education settings can access the videos through links provided in section 6 of the above guidance document.

Further Help and Support

Ongoing advice and support is available in terms of managing and implementing the Engage programme. Section 6 of the above guidance document for schools includes a list of relevant contact details according to the nature of the enquiry. 

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