Advice and guidance on emotional health and wellbeing

Background to iMatter programme

The ‘Pupils' Emotional Health and Wellbeing Programme’ is now called the ‘i Matter Programme’. This new title places particular emphasis on each of us as an individual and the importance of having a balanced life that is centred on being happy, whole and emotionally healthy.

iMatter homework diary inserts, posters and leaflets

The “iMatter” programme is intended to support the entire school community to be engaged in promoting resilient emotional health for all pupils.  Under this programme a suite of homework diary inserts, leaflets and posters on topics of concern to young people such as self esteem, substance abuse and coping with stress, worry and anxiety, are distributed to post-primary schools, and available at the links below.  The resources are designed for young people and provide hints and tips on coping with emotional issues. They include useful telephone numbers, websites and details of organisations that can provide assistance for particular problems.

 All materials are available in English and Irish with posters available in Polish, Spanish, and French. The topics will be made available in other languages upon request. 

iMatter homework diary inserts - English version

iMatter English language posters

iMatter English language leaflets

iMatter homework diary inserts - Irish version

iMatter posters Irish version

iMatter leaflets Irish version

iMatter posters French Version

iMatter posters Spanish Version

iMatter posters Polish Version

iMatter Leaflets Polish Version


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