Self assessment tool for schools

A wellbeing audit for schools to enable them to assess how they promote pupils’ emotional health and wellbeing and how this might be improved.

Working groups to develop the self-assessment tool

As part of the  'Pupils Emotional Health and Wellbeing (PEHAW) Programme'  a Project Board was established to oversee the work of five Working Groups; each populated by a wide range of stakeholders from the statutory, voluntary and community sectors. Working Groups one and three have now amalgamated into a core group. This core group has taken account of the findings and recommendations of  the QUB research report and examined many other tools highlighted in that report to develop a self-assessment tool suitable for use in schools in Northern Ireland.

The tool will be aligned to the four overarching headings defined within the Department’s ‘Every School a Good School’ policy document:

  • Child-centred provision
  • High quality teaching and learning
  • Effective leadership
  • A school connected to its local community

The main tool will be supported by a suite of questionnaires for pupils, parents/carers, school staff, and external agencies working with schools and others in the local community to enable schools to obtain input from their key stakeholders to identify areas of strength and weakness.

Consultation on the draft tool will commence with a reference group made up of professionals such as school Principals, relevant Departmental officials, the Education and Training Inspectorate, CCEA and CCMS.

An online version of the tool will then be developed and a pilot exercise will take place with a cross-section sample of schools.


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