Proposed Changes to Eligibility Criteria for Free School Meals and Uniform Grants

Consultation opened on 06 April 2017. Closing date 05 June 2017.


The Department of Education has launched a public consultation on Proposed Changes to Eligibility Criteria for Free School Meals and Uniform Grants.

The consultation period will run from Thursday 6 April 2017 until 5pm on Monday 5 June 2017 inclusive. Please note that responses received after the deadline cannot be considered.


Consultation description

The Department’s primary aim is to ensure that those most in need are able to access free school meals and uniform grants following the introduction of Universal Credit.

The Department plans to introduce the receipt of Universal Credit with a net earnings threshold of £14,000 by a parent/guardian or pupil to the eligibility criteria to provide free school meals and uniform grants. It is intended that this new criterion should approximately maintain the numbers of pupils entitled within the available resources. This new criterion will eventually replace five existing welfare benefit based criteria. The five benefits will be phased out and replaced by Universal Credit by March 2022.

You can access the consultation here. An easy-read version of the consultation document is also provided. 

Your views are sought on the questions set out in the editable PDF response document provided.

If you require an alternative format please contact us.

Responses can be made in a number of ways by sending the response sheet:

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