Governor appointments to Grant Maintained Integrated Schools

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Appointment process

The appointments of Department of Education representatives to the Boards of Governors of Grant Maintained Integrated (GMI) schools are classed as public appointments and are made by the Education Minister.  If you would like to apply to become a governor, please complete and return a governor application form.


The following public appointments have been made to the Boards of Governors of GMI schools since May 2011:


Name of DE Governor

Acorn Integrated Primary School

Mr Paul James Comins

Mr Mark William Lee Kelly

Mrs Paula Christine MacCorquodale

Blackwater Integrated College

Mrs Ann Toman

Mr Zane Lightfoot

Braidside Integrated Primary School

Mrs Rachel Bristow

Mr Stephen Johnston

Mr Alan Law

Mrs Diane Mallon

Bridge Integrated Primary School

Ms Emma Jayne Hutchinson

Mrs Janette Elizabeth Jones

Miss Joanne Wilson

Mrs Joyce Hughes

Cedar Integrated Primary School

Mrs Helen Elizabeth Bready

Corran Integrated Primary School

Mrs Barbara McAtamney

Mr James McGrandles

Cranmore Integrated Primary School

Mr Sean O'Neill

Mrs Sheila Fitzpatrick

Drumlins Integrated Primary School

Mr David Lawrence Cole-Baker

Mrs Anne McGinn

Mrs Rachel McCoubrey

Drumragh Integrated College

Mrs Joyce Donnelly

Mr Xenofon Schizonikas 

Mr Howard Rainey

Enniskillen Integrated Primary School

Mrs Elizabeth Jane Caithness

Erne Integrated College

Mr Gordon Bell 

Mr Paul Stevenson

Mrs Evelyn Hope Kerr

Hazelwood Integrated College

Dr Patrick Gerald Cleary

Mr James Leonard

Mrs Valerie Owens

Hazelwood Integrated Primary School

Mr David Beck

Mrs Claire Bintley

Miss Ashley Neill

Mr Brian Poots

Integrated College Dungannon

Mr Eugene Grimley

Mr Mark Nicholl

Mr Colin Gervin

Dr David Coleman

Lagan College

Mrs Georgina Elizabeth Campbell

Mr Peter Colligan

Mr Adrian William Harvey

Mr Arthur Savage

Loughview Integrated Primary School

Mr Adrian Harvey

Mrs Patricia Murtagh

Ms Michelle Scott

Mrs Sophie Toye

Maine Integrated Primary School

Mr Samuel Thomas Gregg Turnball

Malone College

Miss Maria Siobhan Coppard

Mrs Jillian Kirk

Mr William Terence McGonigal

Millennium Integrated Primary School

Mrs Shauna Donnelly

Mr Rodney Dowling

Mr Reg Magowan

Millstrand Integrated Primary School

Mr James McCreary

Ms Catherine Nixon

Ms Alison Rankin

New-Bridge Integrated College

Mrs Leonora Maria Broderick


North Coast Integrated College

Mr Alan Hook

Mr James McCartney

Oakgrove Integrated Primary School

Mrs Kathleen Elizabeth Laverty

Mr Ian Bennett

Mr William Woods

Mr Charles Hasson

Oakgrove Integrated College 

Mr Rory O’Boyle

Ms Carmel Irandoust

Mrs Bronagh O'Neill

Oakwood Integrated Primary School

Dr Paul David Hudson

Mr Thomas James Wright

Omagh Integrated Primary School

Mrs Margaret Geelan

Mrs Kathleen Hinds

Mr Andrew McIntyre

Phoenix Integrated Primary School

Mrs Elizabeth Simpson

Mrs Ethel McIvor

Portadown Integrated Primary School

Mr Arthur Carson

Mrs Bernadette Mary McGinnell

Mr David Millie

Mrs Stacie Ross

Roe Valley Integrated Primary School

Mr Richard Sidney Totten

Rowandale Integrated Primary School

Ms Heather Louden

Mrs Michelle McCoubrey

Mrs Louise Stevenson

Mrs Michelle Weir

Saints and Scholars Integrated Primary School

Mrs Eileen Rowntree

Mrs Maria Hackett

Shimna Integrated College

Mrs Anne Fitzpatrick

Mrs Kathy Graham

Mr Michael Kennedy

Mr David O'Flaherty

Slemish College

Mr Tony Gatt

Mr Christopher Perry

Sperrin Integrated College

Mr Paul Gibson

Mr Mark Kelly

Spires Integrated Primary School

Janet Jeffers

Mrs Diane Mallon

Mr Conan Meehan

Strangford College

Mr Robbie Burrows

Mr David Tennis

Mr Trevor Palmer

Dr Janice Thompson        

Ulidia Integrated College

Mr Andrew Thomas Blacoe

Mr Colin William Henry

Mr Thomas Richard Stewart

Mrs Anne Thompson MBE  

Windmill Integrated Primary School

Mr Bryan McLaughlin

Ms Shirley Dunn

Mrs Yvonne Halliday

Mr Christopher Hazlett


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