Call for applications for School Governors across Northern Ireland

Date published: 31 March 2021

The Department of Education is seeking applications from anyone interested in becoming a school governor. Anyone with an interest in supporting their local community and helping to deliver high quality education for all our children is encouraged to put their name forward. Such volunteering is not only very important to the schools but it can also provide valuable management and leadership experience for those seeking to extend their skills and experience.

Reconstitution of Voluntary Grammar Schools

All grant aided schools in Northern Ireland are under the control and management of a Board of Governors. School Boards of Governors are reconstituted every four years and governors serve in a voluntary unpaid capacity usually for a four year term of office.

The majority of Voluntary Grammar schools across Northern Ireland are due for reconstitution in 2021 A list of Voluntary Grammar schools is available on the DE website: Voluntary grammar schools   

The typical Board of Governors of a Voluntary Grammar school will consist of parent and teacher members elected by their peers, members representing the owners and former owners of the schools and members with no direct connection to the school who are appointed by the Department of Education.

Boards of Governors play a pivotal role in the management of a school and are the first line of accountability in relation to the overall performance and effectiveness of their schools.  Decisions on issues such as the school budget, staffing, child protection and many other issues are delegated to its Board of Governors.  Governors work with the school Principal to formulate and agree school policies and plans that will help the school to provide a high quality education for all its pupils.

There are vacancies for governors across all parts of Northern Ireland and across all school sectors.  Further information and application forms can be obtained from the DE website: School governor appointments  

Alternatively you can contact in the School Governance Team on 028 9127 9882 / 028 9127 9927 or by email to govapps@education–

You can watch and listen to serving governors and hear about their experience of school governance on EA TV: Governor videos  (Video 9).

The DE publication “Every School a Good School – the Governors’ Role” can also be found on the DE website: Guide - governor roles and responsibilities This Guide explains in more detail school governors’ roles and responsibilities.

Being a school governor is a challenging yet rewarding role and provides an opportunity to support your local community and help children and young people achieve their full potential.


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