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The Department of Education collects information annually on school meals for all grant-aided primary, post-primary and special schools. The link below contains details on the data collection and validation process.

Published 27 April 2023Guidance literature

Action Plan for the Strategy for Integrated Education in Northern Ireland

Published 26 April 2023Corporate reports

Closure - Approved.

Published 25 April 2023Decisions

Northern Ireland Teachers’ Pension Scheme: Proposed changes to the scheme regulations, namely the draft Northern Ireland Teachers’ Pension Scheme (Remediable Service) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2023, to implement the 2nd stage of the McCloud remedy.

Published 24 April 2023Legislation and regulations

Letter from Teachers' Negotiating Committee - Workforce Reviews

Published 24 April 2023Guidance literature

The purpose of this data is to present suspensions and expulsions figures for schools for the 2021/22 academic year. It includes information on the rates of suspension and expulsion and the reason for suspension and expulsion.

Published 20 April 2023Statistical reports

Key information relating to the achievement of Sure Start, Health, Educational and Living in Safety outcomes may be accessed via the embedded document below.

Published 20 April 2023Guidance literature

Change in management type to the Education Authority

Published 13 April 2023Development plan/framework

Closure. This proposal should be read in conjunction with DP 707.

Published 13 April 2023Development plan/framework

Increase in approved numbers. This proposal should be read in conjunction with DP 706. 

Published 13 April 2023Development plan/framework

Establish a new controlled primary school in the Stewartstown area (being in effect an amalgamation of Ballytrea Primary School and Stewartstown Primary School)

Published 12 April 2023Development plan/framework

Equality and Human Rights Policy Screening for Cessation of the North Belfast Primary Principals Support Programme at 31 March 2023

Published 12 April 2023Impact assessments

The purpose of this research is to present findings about young people’s attitudes to Shared Education in Northern Ireland from the 2022 Northern Ireland Young Life and Times and Kids’ Life and Times surveys.

Published 06 April 2023Statistical reports

School Boards of Governors and school principals should note the regulations and procedures that govern the use of school premises for political events.  School authorities will be expected to adhere to this advice, especially in the run up to the forthcoming local govern

Published 03 April 2023Circulars

This page contains the 2023-24 CFF Budget Allocations which is linked to the Common Funding Page.

Published 30 March 2023Correspondence

Review of Temporary Flexibility (TF)

Published 27 March 2023Decisions

Harberton Reading Programme

Published 21 March 2023Guidance literature


Published 09 March 2023Development plan/framework

Normalising - List of identified Primary and Post-Primary Schools

Published 09 March 2023Lists and registers

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