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This circular informs schools about changes relating to
the right of access by pupils to information contained in
their educational records.

Published 06 September 2001Legislation and regulations

The aim of this document is to provide guidance for staff as they work together to develop and review their policies and procedures surrounding the way their pupils behave in school.

Published 06 August 2001Correspondence

The attached Determination gives effect in law to a general increase of 3.7% on the September 2000 rates, with larger increases at the bottom of the classroom teachers’ main pay scale.

Published 06 June 2001Circulars

Schools capital allocations programme for 2001

Published 01 March 2001Development plan/framework

The research report 'The Effects of the Selective System of Secondary Education in Northern Ireland' was published in September 2000. 

Published 01 September 2000Consultation reports

The research report The Effects of the Selective System of Secondary Education in Northern Ireland was published in September 2000. A series of additional research papers can be viewed below.

Published 01 September 2000Research and analysis

The attached Determination gives effect in law to the 3.3% increase in salary rates from 1 April 2000, which will be paid at the end of April, and clarifies that the total points awarded for qualifications and/or experience cannot exceed point 9 of the Salary Spine for Qualifi

Published 05 April 2000Circulars

This procedure provides for the fair and consistent treatment of teachers in those circumstances where consideration is to be given to the termination of employment on the grounds of ill health or capability.

Published 03 April 2000Guidance literature

Schools capital allocations programme for 2000

Published 09 February 2000Development plan/framework

The enclosed Determination gives effect in law to the payment of a Transfer of Undertakings Allowance to the teachers formerly employed in the Northern Ireland Office Training Schools who are now employed by the South Eastern Education and Library Board or the Council for Cath

Published 03 January 2000Guidance literature

This letter provides Governors with supplementary advice on dealing with matters of misconduct of teachers, and sets out the arrangements for reporting incidences that warrant precautionary suspension.

Published 03 December 1999Guidance literature

The attached Determination gives effect in law to changes to the Teachers’ Pay Structure from 1 September 1999.

Published 25 August 1999Circulars

This Circular informs schools about the law on parental responsibility and
provides advice on the action required by schools in respect of a person or
persons who acquire parental responsibility for a pupil.

Published 16 June 1999Circulars

These Regulations amend the Education (Individual Pupils' Achievements) (Information) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1998.They provide that where the principal of a school receives the results of a pupil's statutory assessment at the end of the third key stage after 30

Published 26 May 1999Legislation and regulations

The attached Determination gives effect in law to the 3.5% increase in salary rates from 1 April 1999, which will be paid at the end of April.

Published 21 April 1999Circulars

This document is designed to provide a framework of practical advice and guidance for those who have a statutory responsibility for schools so that matters relating to the security and overall safety management may be addressed in a systematic and logical manner.

Published 26 March 1999Guidance literature

This circular provides clarification and guidance on the use
of reasonable force, by teachers and other authorised staff, to
restrain or control pupils in certain circumstances. It gives
guidance about who can use reasonable force, when it is

Published 08 March 1999Circulars

This circular informs schools of the requirement to
enter pupils for public examinations for which they
have been prepared, and explains the circumstances in
which this requirement does not apply.

Published 01 February 1999Circulars

This circular sets out modified arrangements for the processing of ill-health retirement applications by members of the Teachers’ Superannuation Scheme. 

Published 02 November 1998Circulars

This circular advises schools that the Department of Education has made regulations requiring schools to set annual targets for the overall performance of pupils at the school.

Published 30 September 1998Circulars

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