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This document is the prepared Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) for the Consultation Document. The purpose of this document is to record the findings of the Equality Impact Assessment. 

Published 05 August 2009Impact assessments

Use this form to elect to opt out of the teacher pension scheme.

Published 02 July 2009Forms

The purpose of this circular is to provide advice to Irish medium primary schools and units in relation to the delivery of the statutory revised curriculum.


Published 26 June 2009Circulars

The purpose of this statistical bulletin is to provide analysis of the latest annual collections relating to teacher numbers, teacher vacancies and Pupil : Teacher ratios in grant-aided schools in 2008/09.

Published 11 June 2009Statistical reports

A summary, in English and the six most frequently identified first languages in schools, of the Department of Education’s policy on supporting  newcomer pupils in school.

Published 03 June 2009Policy papers

A version of 'Every School a Good School - Supporting Newcomer Pupils' for children and young people.

Published 03 June 2009Policy papers

The annual publication from the census, on enrolments at schools and in funded pre-school education, underwent assessment by the United Kingdon Statistics Authority in June 2009.

Published 01 June 2009Statistical reports

The purpose of this publication is to present findings from the Northern Ireland Omnibus Survey - Education module 2009.

Published 29 May 2009Research and analysis

These research briefings provide details on projects funded by the Department of Education from various years. 

Published 29 May 2009Statistical reports

This statistical bulletin presents an analysis of the GCSE and A-level qualifications and destinations of pupils leaving post-primary schools in 2007/08.

Published 28 May 2009Statistical reports

A summary of key Northern Ireland Education statistics from 1996/67 to 2008/09.

Published 30 April 2009Statistical reports

This Circular advises that the Department of Education, in exercise of the powers conferred by the Special Educational Needs and Disability (Northern Ireland) Order 2005, has made a further set of regulations relating to general qualifications bodies.

Published 28 April 2009Circulars

Advice and guidance on the planning and design of new nursery school buildings.

Published 09 April 2009Guidance literature

This Declaration is a joint Management Side and Teachers’ Side agreement which recognises the moral and statutory responsibilities placed on Employers and Trade Unions by the Equal Pay Act (NI) 1970 (as amended); Sex Discrimination (NI) Order 1976 (as amended); Disabilit

Published 06 April 2009Circulars

The purpose of this statistical bulletin is to present detailed, final attendance figures for schools for the 2007/08 academic year. It includes information on the rates of absence, type of absence and reason for absence.

Published 01 April 2009Statistical reports

Evaluation of the progress made in the implementation of nutritional standards and associated report.

Published 01 April 2009Policy papers

The Department of Education’s policy on supporting newcomer pupils in school.

Published 25 March 2009Policy papers

The purpose of this statistical release is to present basic enrolment figures for schools and for children in funded pre-school education for 2008/09. The data are taken from the school enrolments census, which was conducted in October 2008. 

Published 26 February 2009Statistical reports

2009 Letter to school principals with an update on annual reporting and levels of progression.

Published 04 February 2009Correspondence

Commencement and clarification of The Sexual Offences (NI) Order 2008.

Published 02 February 2009Correspondence

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