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Factsheet 4 provides members with awareness about the different types of retirement and when they may retire.

Published 17 November 2022Guidance literature

Factsheet 9 Goodwin Ruling

Published 16 November 2022Correspondence

This circular provides updated advice and guidance to schools and EOTAS centres on the use of remote learning

Published 15 November 2022Circulars

Circular 2022/14 -  School Optional Days and Exceptional Closure Days - November 2022

Published 15 November 2022Circulars

Engage Programme setting allocations (January 2023 to March 2023)

Published 07 November 2022Guidance literature

The consultation on the Functions currently delivered by GTCNI has now closed. The 'Analysis of Consultation Responses' contains a breakdown of responses to consultation questions.

Published 28 October 2022Consultation reports

This circular advises principals and Boards of Governors of the arrangements for transfer from primary to post-primary education and will apply until further notice.

Published 25 October 2022Circulars

A letter issued to schools today in relation to interim emergency payments for temporary teachers.

Published 19 October 2022Correspondence

This circular sets out the arrangements for the admissions of pupils to grant-aided primary schools under open enrolment and will apply until further notice.  

The admissions timetable is updated and issued annually as a separate circular.

Published 17 October 2022Circulars

This form should be completed by all new teachers following completion of their GTCNI registration to provide DE’s Teachers’ Pay and Pensions Team (TPPT) with all of the required personal information from the teacher directly in order for TPPT to set up a shell rec

Published 17 October 2022Forms

This circular advises Principals and Boards of Governors of the arrangements for the application of open enrolment procedures for admissions to nursery schools and nursery classes in primary schools

Published 17 October 2022Circulars

Increase approved numbers - approved with a modification.

Published 14 October 2022Decisions

DPs 604-607 - Downpatrick Post-Primary Schools - Approved with modifications.

Published 14 October 2022Decisions

Guidance on a Pilot Programme 'Amalgamation for Standardisation' of Pre-School Classes

Published 12 October 2022Circulars

Qualifications Support Programme Allocations (October 2022 to March 2023)

Published 11 October 2022Consultation reports

This Circular provides the Open Enrolment timetables for nursery, primary and post primary schools for admissions to take place in September 2023.

Published 10 October 2022Circulars

Guidance for Education Staff in Schools/Preschool/Childcare Settings for Children/Young People who require Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) (September 2022)

Published 03 October 2022Notices

Provision of Digital Devices - A Fair Start Action 2022/23 onwards

Published 03 October 2022Guidance literature

Establish a Nursery Unit

Published 29 September 2022Development plan/framework

Transform to Controlled Integrated Status

Published 28 September 2022Development plan/framework

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