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Transform to Controlled Integrated Status - Not approved

Published 09 June 2023Decisions

Closure - Approved with modification

Published 09 June 2023Decisions

Establish an additional nursery unit - approved. 

Published 08 June 2023Decisions

Post primary schools in Northern Ireland with 600 pupils situated at a 60 mph speed limit

Published 07 June 2023Correspondence

Within the Department of Education how many:

Published 07 June 2023Correspondence

Department’s Contract Register

Published 07 June 2023Correspondence

Land relating to former Suffolk Primary School Belfast

Published 07 June 2023Correspondence

Unqualified personnel worked in a teaching capacity in schools during the 2022/23 academic year

Published 06 June 2023Correspondence

School achievements at GCSE and A Level

Published 06 June 2023Correspondence

Common Funding Scheme 2023-24

Published 06 June 2023Financial plans and reports

Circular 2017/09 - Guidance on the publication of a Development Proposal (updated June 2023)

Published 05 June 2023Circulars

List of schools and the amount of funding received under the extended schools programme for the last three financial years plus updated entitlements in respect of the current 2020/21 year


Published 01 June 2023Statistical reports

The Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership (CYPSP), in association with parents of children with disabilities have produced: A Guide to Help you on your Journey through Disability/Additional Needs – by parents for parents (May 2023)

Published 01 June 2023Guidance literature

Staff occupancy rates for September- December 2022

Published 31 May 2023Correspondence

Year 13 Pupils and subject areas

Published 31 May 2023Correspondence

Number of students that don’t speak English at home as first language

Published 31 May 2023Correspondence

Decisions not able to be taken in absence of a minister

Published 31 May 2023Correspondence

This statistical bulletin presents an analysis of the GCSE and A-level qualifications and destinations of pupils leaving post-primary schools in 2021/22. Additional tables relating to the statistical bulletin can also be found below.

Published 25 May 2023Statistical reports

Increase approved numbers

Published 25 May 2023Development plan/framework

The Department of Education collects data annually on the highest qualification and destination of Northern Ireland grammar and secondary school leavers. The link below contains details on the data collection and validation process.

Published 24 May 2023Guidance literature

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