Education Transformation Programme

The Department has embarked upon a programme of work to transform the education system in Northern Ireland to ensure it delivers positive outcomes for children and young people.

The draft Programme for Government and the draft Children and Young People’s Strategy commit the Northern Ireland Executive to improving outcomes for children and young people, to ensure all children and young people have the best start in life.

The education system is central to this, and the Department of Education is embarking upon an ambitious and radical programme of change to deliver an effective, efficient and sustainable education system.

The focus of the Education Transformation Programme is to critically review aspects of the existing education system; developing options for a future Minister of Education; and to deliver a managed programme of transformation for the benefit of children and young people.

The programme will involve work to develop policy and operational proposals to transform the education system to make it responsive to the needs of children and young people.

The Programme is led by the Department but will require collaboration with our key partners within the Education Authority (EA), the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) and the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA).

A shared vision for the Programme, to explain what the transformation programme hopes to achieve, has been developed and agreed.  This vision statement will help shape and direct the Programme and its projects.

 “We will work together to deliver an education system which meets the needs of all our children and young people, developing all of their talents, skills and abilities. This requires an ambitious and radical programme of change.  We want to bring significant improvements in where and how our children and young people are educated.  By doing this, we will improve outcomes and transform lives.

A shorter strapline has been adopted;

“Working together. Improving Education. Transforming Lives.”

Changing the education system will require collaboration and commitment not only from partners within education but also, importantly, working closely with colleagues in the Department of Health, Economy, and Communities.

A short information video can be accessed here;

Programme Design

The Programme has been designed across three separate workstreams, these are:

Workstream 1

  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the short term: A set of proposals intended to improve the efficiency of the current education system;

Workstream 2 

  • Better outcomes through long term transformation: A set of medium-term to long-term integrated proposals to transform the long term structure and operation of current education system to deliver better outcomes for children and young people; and

Workstream 3

  • Improving delivery of services for schools, settings and pupils: A programme of work within the EA/CCMS to further improve service delivery in support of schools, youth work and early years services and which would deliver further efficiencies.

A number of projects have been commissioned and further information on the detail of each of these can be found by clicking on the workstream links above or by contacting the Education Transformation Programme office at; You can also leave feedback by using the feedback form.


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