Landscape Review of the Education Authority

Baker Tilly has been appointed by the Department of Education to undertake a Landscape Review of the Education Authority. 

The Education Authority (EA) was established by statute, the Education Act (NI) 2014, to replace the former Education and Library Boards (ELBs) and is a Government-sponsored Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) of the Department of Education (DE).

This will be the first such review of the EA since its establishment in 2015. The scope of the review has been set to consider;

  • The EA's capacity for delivering more effectively and efficiently, including identifying the potential for efficiency savings, and where appropriate, its ability to contribute to wider goals such as economic and social wellbeing. 
  • An assessment or assurance that processes are in place for making such assessments and;
  • The control and governance arrangements in place to ensure that the organisation and its sponsor are complying with recognised principles of good corporate governance

Why your views matter

As part of the review Baker Tilly is keen to get feedback or evidence from as wide a range of interested parties as possible on the effectiveness of the current delivery model of the Education Authority. We are engaging as widely as possible, but we want to encourage, young people, parents, teachers, schools and more organisations such as clubs, churches, community organisations to tell us their views.

We would really appreciate if you take the time to fill in one of our surveys which form part of the wider Strategic Review.  Please click on the relevant link below:


Board of Governors:

Principals / Head Teachers:


Children & Young People:

Education Authority Corporate Staff:

Non-Teaching Staff:

We invite you to help your school age child or children to complete this survey.  Some younger children may require support to read and understand the questions but we are confident with parental support they can also have their opinions heard.

Wider Stakeholders, including community and voluntary sector partners:

Please note: Surveys will be open for responses from 24th February to 14th March 2022


  1. Written responses will not be published as part of this review but will be collated and findings arranged in a thematic way and incorporated into the final review/report
  2. Whilst we encourage those responding to this call for evidence to provide us with their contact details and association with the Education Authority (this allows us to understand the context of your view), we will not share or publicise your details as part of this review.
  3. All information shared with us is treated confidentially, stored in a safe place and disposed of once the review has completed and report is published (as per our GDPR requirements). This part of the process will be overseen by our internal GPDR and Information Officer.
  4. If you wish to contact the panel with any further information, please email: 
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