Staff welfare

  • Staff welfare

Officers with the responsibility for the welfare of staff are employed within the Education Authority (EA) and  the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS).

Staff welfare

The officers are available to support teachers’ health and well-being by providing a confidential quality listening service and by offering support, information and guidance on a range of welfare issues.  

Staff welfare issues may include, for example:

  • work-related stress
  • relationship problems in or out of work
  • alcohol/drug dependency
  • domestic problems
  • bereavement
  • coping with change
  • ill health

The officers are also available to offer guidance and support to principals and boards of governors managing complex staff welfare matters.

If you have a problem regarding a welfare issue, you are welcome to contact the relevant officer for support, guidance and information. The officers are available to meet with you to discuss your concerns in confidence, and to offer support and assistance towards helping you reach an appropriate resolution.

Contact details

Body Contact Telephone Email
Belfast Region  Position vacant (however if assistance required contact  Bernadette Doherty) 028 9056 4016
North Eastern Region Kathryn Crease 028 2566 2443/4
South Eastern Region Lynette Bailie 028 9056 6276
Southern Region Aoife O'Neill 028 3751 2575
Western Region Aoife O'Neill 028 3751 2575
CCMS Anglea Armstrong 028 9042 6972

Confidential counselling

If you are experiencing an ongoing welfare problem and feel that you may benefit from counselling support, please contact the relevant officer regarding any further assistance that may be available.


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