The Department of Education is dedicated to promoting personal well-being and social development, so that children gain the knowledge, skills and experience to reach their full potential as valued individuals and active citizens.

Community relations, equality and diversity policy

The Community Relations, Equality and Diversity (CRED) in Education policy was launched on 24 March 2011.  The objectives of the policy are to:

  • ensure that learners, at each stage of their development, have an understanding of and respect for the rights, equality and diversity of all without discrimination;
  • educate children and young people to live and participate in the changing world, so that they value and respect difference and engage positively with it, taking account of the ongoing intercommunity divisions arising from conflict and increasing diversity within our society; and
  • equip children and young people with the skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to develop mutual understanding and recognition of, and respect for, difference.

A copy of the policy can be downloaded from the following link:

CRED Policy Addendum

In 2014/15, as part of the normal policy cycle, the Department reviewed the CRED policy to ensure that it was meeting its objectives and to inform its further development.

Whilst the review findings were positive, confirming that the policy is fit for purpose, and found evidence of effective delivery, a number of recommendations were made to further imbed the policy.  While the core policy remains unchanged an Addendum was published in September 2016 containing additional commitments.  The Addendum should be read in conjunction with the policy.

A copy of the Addendum can be downloaded from the following link:


In addition to the policy the Department has published the following guidance, evaluation document and circular 2012/02:


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