Transition of Young People into Careers

In 2017, the then Ministers for Education (DE) and the Economy (DfE) agreed that officials from their respective departments should work together to develop a more strategic and joined up approach to 14-19 education and training provision.

The Ministers set out a number of areas on which they wished officials to focus on in order to address the challenges in 14-19 education and training.  In order to build a consensus around the main challenges and what needs to be achieved to enhance current provision and its delivery, the two Departments commenced initial engagement with key stakeholders in early August 2018 by hosting a Northern Ireland Public Sector Innovation Lab event.

The “Transition of Young People into Careers” Project was established January 2019 and forms part of DE’s Transformation Programme which aims to transform the current education (and training) system to deliver better outcomes for children and young people. The Project is jointly funded and led by DE and DfE with supporting governance arrangements and with a focus on improving the pathways for young people as they transition from education into careers as a key deliverable for a 14-19 Strategy.

Initially the project focus has been on putting in place work plans and priorities; building on the Innovation Lab work and engagement process with stakeholders.  The Project has in place a Project Initiation Document, Terms of Reference, Communications Plan, Project Plan and has established a jointly chaired Project Board.  The Project has, following engagement with key stakeholders, established a number of work streams / areas of focus to address the key challenges. 

The work streams/ key areas of focus are as follows:

  • Strategy Development
  • Funding
  • Curriculum Delivery
  • Careers
  • Progression and Pathways
  • Post-16 Education

The Project’s key milestones are outlined below:

By March 2020

  • Strategic Outline Case;
  • Draft high level 14-19 Strategy including draft Vision, Guiding Principles, challenges with the current approach and the key features and benefits of a more strategic, joined up approach;

By October 2020

  • Options paper, including costings, outlining key actions that could be taken to deliver a more strategic joined up approach to 14-19 education and training;
  • Action plan for implementation; and      
  • Communications Plan.
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