Two video presentations on Reading and Phonetics

These videos form a pair and Professor Goswami's video should be viewed first and then Dr McMurray's video.

On the 16th September 2021 Professor Usha Goswami, Cambridge University and Dr Sharon McMurray,  Stranmillis University College, presented to a Westminster All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG). The focus was on research evidence highlighting the importance of developing orthographic knowledge as well as alphabetic knowledge when learning to read and spell. These videos explain why it is important to ensure that when teaching children to read and spell phonics should include more that phoneme- to-grapheme correspondences.

The title of Professor Goswami's video is  'Orthographic Analogies and Learning to Read' and should be viewed before watching Dr McMurray's video on 'Phonics Teaching in English'.





Permission has been granted by the authors for the Department of Education to include these videos in the SEN resource online,  the videos cannot be used by any other organisation or course provider without the written permission of the authors of the videos.  

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