Consultation on functions currently delivered by the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI)

Consultation opened on 13 June 2022. Closing date 30 September 2022.


The Department has launched the 'Consultation on the Functions delivered by GTCNI on 13th June 2022 as set out by the Minister in her statement on 13 December 2021.


Consultation description

The Minister of Education announced, to the Northern Ireland Assembly on 13 December 2021, to seek the dissolution of the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI), the organisation currently established by statute to be the professional body for teachers.  In her announcement, the Minister also stated that the Department would consult on the functions currently assigned to the GTCNI and how these can be delivered efficiently and effectively.

The Department would like to hear views and feedback to inform, shape and improve final policy proposals and changes to legislation.  This consultation process will provide the teaching profession, wider educational system and stakeholders with the opportunity to consider the structures used in other jurisdictions and the differing functions these bodes provide. Views will inform the development of a robust future model for Northern Ireland which reflects the unique needs of the education system while providing effective support to the teaching profession.

For further information on the launch of the consultation please see:
Education Minister launches consultation on delivery of the GTCNI | Department of Education (


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