Corporate and business planning

Part of: Department of Education strategic planning

The Corporate Plan for Education outlines the strategic direction for the Department and the wider education service and sets out the key priorities and objectives during the period that it covers.  The Corporate Plan is developed from the Programme for Government, and so will follow once the Programme for Government has been agreed and published.

The Department also develops each year an annual business plan setting out its commitments to delivering the corporate goals and strategic objectives contained in the Corporate Plan.

Underpinning this whole process are School Development Plans which schools are required to prepare and review on a 3-yearly basis.  A school's development plan sets out its key priorities for the period of the plan based on the Department’s priorities for education.  It includes targets for improvement, including targets for literacy and numeracy.

Annual Business Plans are also developed at the start of each year by the Department's arm's length bodies. 

Annual Business Plan 2019/20

The Department’s 2019/20 Business Plan.

Annual Business Plan 2018/19  

The Department’s 2018/19 Business Plan.


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