Harberton Reading Programme

Date published: 21 March 2023

Last updated: 05 April 2023

Harberton Reading Programme


The Harberton Reading Programme  (HRP) is free to download from the links below.

The activity workbooks can be downloaded and printed in hard copy.

The reading books can be downloaded and read on an ipad or computer.  The reading books cannot be printed out in hard copy on sheets of paper.  It is important that each reading book is presented to the child as a published book.   

If you would like hard copies of the reading books the Reprographics Department at the Education Authority Belfast Region will print copies for you. Telephone 028 9056 4000 and ask for the Reprographics Department.

Please see the price list attached below.

The Reprographics Department at Education Authority Belfast Region will also print copies of the activity workbooks if you do not want print out copies yourself.  See the price list attached below.

HRP Information Video

This short video provides an introduction to the HRP.  In this video teachers from three different school settings discuss using the HRP in their school.


Please read the information in the ‘Level 0 Starter Activities’ folder before using the programme

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