Managing Attendance Strategy for the Education Sector 2019-2022

Date published: 24 April 2019

This Strategy has been developed with the support of the Education Sector employers. It will be supported by three annual action plans covering agreed generic initiatives to support improved attendance.  Outcomes against each annual action plan will be evaluated at the end of every year. This evaluation will help gauge progress and shape future priorities within the Strategy period to March 2022.  

Aim of the Strategy


This Strategy commits Education Sector employers to seek improved attendance levels across the Education Sector through the following means:

• proactive management of health and wellbeing.  This is about providing effective support to staff through preventative measures aimed at keeping staff at work and promoting good health and wellbeing;
• support for those who are ill.  This is about the provision of a sympathetic, compassionate, understanding and consistent approach to dealing with staff on sickness absence including offers of appropriate support; and
• effective management. This is about managing attendance through the application of agreed sickness absence procedures and the development of systems and information to support effective management. 



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