Notice temporarily disapplying or modifying education duties No.1 (Northern Ireland) 2020

Date published: 01 April 2020

The Department of Education wishes to inform you that it has made the attached Notice which makes modifications to Article 58(1)(a) of the Education and Libraries (NI) Order 1986 and came into operation on 26 March 2020.


The Notice will last for a period of 30 days from 26 March and can be cancelled should schools reopen during that time. The Department will issue a further notice to enable the payments to continue should schools remain closed.

The modifications are necessary to enable the Education Authority to make direct payments to families of pupils entitled to free school meals during school closures due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. The Department considers that the issuing of the notice is an appropriate and proportionate action in all the circumstances because the current outbreak of Coronavirus in Northern Ireland has made the duties unreasonable.


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