Notice temporarily disapplying or modifying education duties No.2 (Northern Ireland) 2020

Date published: 03 April 2020

Duties in relation to Special Educational Needs


The Department of Education has exercised the power provided under Section 38(3)(c) and paragraph 17(1), (2)(b) and (d) and (7) of Schedule 17 Coronavirus Act 2020 to issue a Notice modifying the provisions listed in Part II of the Education (NI) Order 1996 and the Education (Special Educational Needs) Regulations (NI) 2005 for 28 days. 


The Notice modifies the duties on the Education Authority; Schools; Boards of Governors of schools; the Health and Social Services Authority and parents, to a new duty to make their best endeavours to meet their original duty. This is only where the inability to comply with the original duty is attributable to the outbreak of coronavirus in Northern Ireland.

The Department considers this as an appropriate and proportionate action.

The Notice lasts 28 days and can be revoked or amended if the situation changes before that.   A further Notice may be issued after 28 days.if required.

Under paragraph 17 of Schedule 17 of the Coronavirus Act 2020 the Department is required to publish the notice and to take steps as the Department considers reasonable to bring the notice to the attention of those likely to be affected by it. 

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