TR25 Form – Teachers’ Personal and Bank Details

Date published: 17 October 2022

This form should be completed by all new teachers following completion of their GTCNI registration to provide DE’s Teachers’ Pay and Pensions Team (TPPT) with all of the required personal information from the teacher directly in order for TPPT to set up a shell record on the DE Teachers Pay payroll system pending NISTR bookings.  It is the teachers’ responsibility to complete and return the TR25 form to TPPT.  If TPPT are not in receipt of the TR25 form, this will delay payment to the teacher even if the school/service approve the booking on NISTR. It will be the teachers’ responsibility to ensure that TPPT are informed of any changes linked to their name, address, bank details etc using the contact details in Section 7. TPPT will use the details provided on the original TR25 form unless advised otherwise by the teacher. A teacher will only be required to complete a TR25 once for the duration of their active GTCNI registration.

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