West Belfast Community Project

Date published: 15 May 2023

The Programme has embedded within the Greater Shankill Community since its introduction in 2013 and has delivered against set targets and outcomes. The priority for any work within Greater Shankill is to reduce the current trend of Educational Disadvantage currently affecting children & young people growing up within this part of Belfast.


Who delivers the programme?

The Greater Shankill Partnership oversees the delivery of a range of initiatives which serve to support the educational transition stages of children and young people. More information on the organisation is available:

What are the objectives of the programme?

The project has ten key objectives spanning a wide range of initiatives which encompass early years through to post primary provision and include parental engagement.

  • Objective 1: Pre School Transition - To support families with preschool children to ensure they and their children are ready for starting pre school.
  • Objective 2: Primary School Transition - To support families and children for the transition from Nursery to Primary settings, enabling the children to be more education ready.
  • Objective 3: Post Primary Transition - To support P7 pupils with the transition into Post Primary settings.
  • Objective 4: Post Primary Support (GS Generations) - To support those young people who were involved with the Post Primary Transition Programmes.
  • Objective 5: Development and Support of the Children and Young People’s Zone - To be involved in the Core Support Team which is developing the Zone.
  • Objective 6: One to one Family Support - Transition from Nursery to Primary school.
  • Objective 7: One to one Family Support - Transition from Primary to Post Primary school.
  • Objective 8: One to one - Mentoring Support for young people - Post Primary.
  • Objective 9: Therapeutic Support for Young People
  • Objective 10:  Workshops to support young people to engage with youth provision in the local area.

Service delivery and reports

The most recent OBA Report Card which summarises the impact of each programme can be accessed here:

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