Register of Interests

The details provided here are for DE Departmental Board & Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (ARAC) members only.

Mark Browne, Permanent Secretary, DE


Lianne Patterson, Deputy Secretary, DE

Mrs Patterson has one son in RBAI in year 12.  She sits on the Housing Finance Agency Board and Audit Committee in ROI.  HFA is a public sector body and a  non profit making organisation.  Mrs Patterson sits on the Board during her own personal time. 

Linsey Farrell, Deputy Secretary, DE

Mrs Farrell's father is the Chair of 2 Boards of Governors (Tandragee Junior High & Gilford Primary School) and a member of 1 (Craigavon High School).  Mrs Farrell is a Member of the Board of Trustees of CEF Ireland.

John Smith, Deputy Secretary, DE

Mr Smith's children attend Grosvenor Grammar School and Victoria College.  His wife works at Leadhill Primary School.

Faustina Graham, Chief Inspector, ETI


Marcella Phillips, NICS HR Business Partner


Janet Heath, NICS HR Business Partner


Gary Fair, Finance Director, DE

Mr Fair's wife is a supply teacher.  At present this does not represent any conflict of interest, although he will keep this under review and advise the Board if a perceived or actual conflict of interest arises in the future.

Joan McEwan, Independent Board Member - DE Board and ARAC Committee

Mrs McEwan's daughter is a guide with 3rd Holywood Guides and was successful in securing funding for her troop (amount unknown at present but a maximum of £1995) from the Education Authority’s Small Grants Programme.  She has two children attending Sullivan Upper School (one at the Prep).  Her sister is an independent contractor engaged under EA’s procurement office framework to provide HR support & advisory services on a call off as required basis, specifically related to resourcing.  The framework may be used by EA & some DE ALBs.  Mrs McEwan confirms that she does not have any involvement in making decisions as to which contractors are included on the EA’s procurement office framework to provide HR support & advisory services.  She also confirms that her role as a non-executive board member of the Patient and Client Council (an ALB of the DoH) has not conflicted with her position as an independent non-executive director of the DE.

Gavin Patrick, Member of DE Audit and Risk Assurance Committee


Mandy Kilpatrick, Member of DE Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

A sister and brother in law are teachers.  At present this does not represent any conflict of interest, but this will be kept under review

Last checked 10 February 2022 - Bryan Laverty

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