The Department of Education (DE) and the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) work closely together on cross-cutting issues related to the education and training provision for 14 to 19 year olds.

Shared focus on young people

The Departments have a shared focus on young people having access to the right courses; on quality teaching and learning; on careers provision; on helping young people avoid being part of the not in employment, education or training (NEETs) statistics, and STEM.

Both Departments are determined to enhance the contribution of schools, further education, higher education and training to the development of the local economy.

Preparing for success

'Preparing for success' takes into account local labour market information to support young people in making informed choices at the right stage in their education and training.

Common funding scheme

The recent independent review of the common funding scheme acknowledges the importance of all stages of education and contains specific references to funding between the two Departments.

Further education colleges work, as part of area learning communities, with local schools as they identify and plan the curricular offer for all young people in that area as part of the entitlement framework.

The ongoing work takes into account developments in England, the South of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and has regard to international best practice.

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