Education otherwise than at school

EOTAS makes educational provision for children with social, emotional behavioural, medical or other issues who, without its provision, cannot access suitable education.

It allows children who have been expelled from, suspended from, or have otherwise disengaged from their registered school to participate in education until they achieve a new school place, are prepared for re-entry to an existing school place, or to maintain their education until compulsory school leaving age.

Information available

For more information about the placement of pupils in EOTAS settings/centres please visit the Education Authority website:

EOTAS Placements for Pupils | Education Authority Northern Ireland (

Alternative Education Provision (AEP)

The Department’s Promoting and Sustaining Good Behaviour: Discipline Strategy for Schools sets out the provision and/or expansion of worthwhile alternatives to mainstream schooling for disaffected pupils, many of them in their final 1 or 2 years of compulsory education.

A number of alternative education projects catering for such pupils already exist in both the statutory and voluntary sectors

EOTAS guidance

EOTAS Guidance can be found on the Department's website at Guidance for education otherwise than at school

On 18 September 2014, the Department issued guidance to the Education and Library Boards on the operation of EOTAS and issued supporting Circular 2014/24 - EOTAS Guidance to schools.

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