Home to School Transport

The current arrangements for the provision of home to school transport came into operation in September 1997.

Provision of Home to School Transport

A child will only be eligible for transport assistance in circumstances where he or she enrols at a grant-aided school which is beyond the qualifying distance from his/her home (two miles for primary pupils or three miles for post-primary pupils) and has been unsuccessful in gaining a place at all suitable schools within the qualifying distance from his/her home.

For the purposes of the transport arrangements, the term 'suitable school' is defined as being a grant-aided school in any of the following six categories:

  • controlled or other voluntary;
  • maintained;
  • integrated;
  • Irish-medium;
  • denominational grammar (post-primary) ; and
  • non-denominational grammar (post primary).

The Department is undertaking a review of the current home to school transport policy and as a first step would be keen to hear what the public have to say about school transport. More information can be found at;

More information

For more detailed information about the home to school transport policy and how to make an application for school transport assistance see:

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