Shared Education Delivery

Shared Education Self Evaluation Frameworks

Schools are at different starting points along a continuum in respect of Shared Education.  

For some, they are beginning their journey while others are embedding high quality Shared Education experiences for their pupils.  Drawing on good practice, the Education & Training Inspectorate has developed Frameworks for Collaboration that should be used to self-assess the extent and quality of Shared Education provision.  The frameworks can further assist partnerships when drafting action plans to facilitate the development and embedding of Shared Education in relevant educational settings.

The frameworks can be viewed via the following links:

Shared Education Teacher Professional Learning 

The Education Authority has created an online Shared Education Hub to help build the capacity of existing Shared Education partnerships to deliver highly effective Shared Education Programmes. The Hub includes online Teacher Professional Learning modules, incorporating practitioner voices, external voices and learning journals, and a series of resources to help advance Shared Education.  Accessible to all teachers across Northern Ireland, the Hub can also be used as a training programme to support new schools and other educational settings interested in becoming involved in Shared Education. 

A Pupil Pathway: A Resource for Teachers to Support Shared Education

The purpose of the Pupil Pathway resource is to assist teachers in the planning and delivery of Shared Education.

Shared Education complements the objectives of the Northern Ireland Curriculum, which requires schools to develop learners as individuals, as contributors to society and as contributors to the economy and the environment.  The Pupil Pathway identifies what Shared Education could look like for learners as they progress through school. It outlines the educational outcomes that contribute to reconciliation through the curriculum at all Key Stages and through the development of children’s skills and capabilities, attitudes and dispositions.

Shared Education and the Northern Ireland Curriculum

All areas of the Northern Ireland Curriculum can support Shared Education activities.  CCEA has developed guidance and resources complementing the Pupil Pathway resource which can be accessed via the link below.

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