Support for pupils with medication needs

This guidance has been published to aid schools in supporting pupils with medication needs, and in particular, to provide sound protocols to enable these medication needs to be appropriately managed.

Guidance for schools

There is no overarching legal duty upon school staff to administer medication.  The guidance on Supporting Pupils with Medication Needs does not alter in any way the right of staff not to volunteer.  Neither does this guidance prevent the drawing up of any individual employment contracts between the Education Authority or schools and their staff, which include specific duties involving the administration of medication.

Please note that the guidance has been revised to incorporate the addendum regarding school doctors that issued with the printed guidance in April 2008.

Forms for schools to download

The following forms contained within the guidance may also be downloaded for convenience on the Department's website at Supporting pupils with medication needs - guidance - forms:

  • Form AM1 medication plan
  • Form AM2  request for a school to administer medicine
  • Form AM3 template for request for pupil to carry medicine
  • Form AM4 record of medicine administered to individual children
  • Form AM5 record of medicines administered
  • Form AM6 template for a record of medical training for staff
  • Form AM7 authorisation for administration of rectal diazepam
  • Medical needs sample contact sheet

The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety has also published guidance in relation to - The Management of Anaphylaxis in Educational Establishments.

The Department of Health and Social Services, in partnership with DE has developed an addendum to Supporting Pupils with Medication Needs in relation to the use of emergency Salbutamol inhalers in schools which is available on the Department's website at Guidance for the use of emergency Salbutamol Inhalers in Schools (Updated June 2015).

The Department of Health, England, has developed guidance on the use of Adrenaline Auto-Injectors (AAIs) in schools, and this has been adapted for Northern Ireland by the Department of Health, in partnership with the Department of Education.  This guidance should be read as an addendum to Supporting Pupils with Medication Needs and replaces the guidance issued in 2017.

If you have any queries in connection with the guidance please contact the  Special Education Team.


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