Integrated Education Act Action Plan

Consultation opened on 31 August 2023. Closing date 30 November 2023.


The Integrated Education Act (Northern Ireland) 2022 became law on the 26 October 2022. This Act placed a duty on the Department of Education (DE) to prepare, publish and maintain a strategy for the encouragement, facilitation, support for and provision of integrated education.


Consultation description

The Act placed a new duty on the Department to support integrated education.  Support is specifically defined in the Act and requires the Department to provide sufficient places in integrated schools to aim to meet the demand for the provision of integrated education within the context of area planning and the overall sustainability of the school estate. The duty to support does not eclipse all of the Departments other legal duties.

The Department is also required to consult widely with interested parties.

As required by the Act, the Strategy and associated Action Plan were published on 26 April 2023 and does not propose any new policy but rather is a description of existing departmental policy with respect to Integrated Education and the requirements of legislation as set within the Act. It also sets out the Department of Education’s vision for Integrated Education which is to create

‘A vibrant and supported network of sustainable integrated schools providing high-quality integrated education to children and young people’.

The public consultation launched on 31 August and will now run to 30 November. 

The Department would like to hear your views and feedback on these proposed actions to inform, shape and improve final policy proposals to reflect changes to the law on Integrated Education and would encourage you to take the time to complete the survey.

We are also holding 2 online events to provide additional opportunities for people to take part in the consultation and get a chance to have their say.

The links will allow you to take part in the events on 14 November and 28 November.


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