Food in schools resources

A range of resources to help teachers and schools implement the Department of Education's food in school policy.

Resources and useful websites

Below is a list of publications and resources which support schools to implement a whole school food policy.  

You can also view some of these on our:

Information on Fronter

Schools can also access the food @ my school room on Fronter which has been designed as a useful resource in helping schools implement the Food in Schools Policy.  

Teachers can use it to keep up-to-date with the latest news and information on every aspect of food within schools.  There are practical tips on how to promote healthy food provision within schools as well as details of other resources available to support this aspect of the curriculum at each key stage.  The room also enables teachers to collaborate with colleagues and food in schools experts to share learning tips and best practice.

Currently only teachers who are members can access the room. To register to become a member email with your C2k email address.

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