Internet and Wi-fi guidance

Guidance from the Department of Education on how the internet and wi-fi can be safely used in schools.

C2K network service

This letter updates schools about the internet services now available via C2K and asks all schools that have a second non-C2K provided phone line for broadband use and / or a non C2K network to urgently and critically review this provision.

eSafety policy

The following circular reminds schools about their responsibility to have in place an eSafety policy and provides guidance on eSafety in relation to C2k’s Education Network service and also non C2k networks.

Restricting access to inappropriate material

Circular 2011/22 and 2016/27 provide advice and guidance on arrangements for preventing the accessing of inappropriate material on the Internet.

Online Safety

Circular 2016/27 provides a set of guiding principles for keeping pupils and the wider school community safe online and for prioritising online safety within the school’s preventative education curriculum and overall Safeguarding Policy.

Mobile Digital Devices

Circular 2016/26 provides brief guidance to be considered by school leaders who wish to ensure that when mobile digital devices are being introduced into the classroom they are used in the most appropriate and effective ways to support education.

Guidance on safe use of the internet

The guidance is contained on a number of pages within the Department of Education site:


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