Wi-fi is short for Wireless Fidelity and is a particular type of wireless local area network. It allows users to access and share data, applications, internet access or other network resources in the same way as wired (cable) systems.

Wi-fi in schools

Wi-fi is being used in more schools as ICT use for teaching and learning continues to grow.

On 12 October 2007, the former Health Protection Agency (HPA) (now called Public Health England) announced an extended programme of research into wireless local area networks and their use, including measurements of exposures from wi-fi networks. The data gathered during the project continued to reinforce the position adopted by the HPA at the beginning of the project that there is no consistent evidence to date that exposure to radio signals from Wi-fi and WLANs adversely affects the health of the general population.

Guidance on wi-fi radio waves and health was published on 1 November 2013 by Public Health England, an executive agency of the Department of Health in the UK, and may be accessed on the Public Health England website.

The Department of Education will continue to monitor the position regarding wi-fi. 

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