Guidance for schools on the procurement of any works, equipment, goods or services.

Procurement – general information and guidance

All public procurement should be subject to competition to ensure best value for money. The Department of Education (DE) and it's Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs), including schools, are subject to Northern Ireland Public Procurement Policy, which can be accessed at:

Procurement Guidance Notes (PGNs) are the administrative means by which the Northern Ireland Public Sector, including DE and its NDPBs, is advised of procurement policy and best practice developments.  See link below:

The majority of education sector procurement opportunities are administered and overseen by the Education Authority in its role as a Centre of Procurement Expertise (CoPE).

Procurement - Education Authority (EA)

The Education Authority (EA) is in the process of moving from five Education and Library Board websites to a single website for the EA, when using the links provided below please also check the EA Website  to ensure you are accessing the most up to date information.

As a Centre of Procurement Expertise, the EA is the first point of contact for both procurement guidance for local schools and for potential tender opportunities for prospective suppliers.  The range of services procured by the EA includes capital works projects, design services for capital works as well as goods and services.

The EA procurement related web pages can be accessed via the following links.  

For schools, procurement of any works, equipment, goods or services should use such guidance and procedures as set out by the Education Authority - including any arrangements for call-off contracts, tender lists, numbers for written quotations against defined limits, publishing requirements and all applicable legislation including EU directives.

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