School policies and procedures

Information and guidance on a range of school-based policies.

Home-school e-learning

This document provides guidance on the approach to be followed in delivering a home - school e-learning pilot for pupils who are on short term absence as a result of illness or medical condition.

Alcohol and drug misuse policy

This procedure aims to help and support teachers who are experiencing problems as a result of alcohol or drugs misuse.


This circular provides advice to teachers who wish to make disclosures of information relating to malpractice by their employers or colleagues at work.

Visual display units

Describes the application process for applying for an eyesight screening test for teachers who operate a Visual Display Unit in connection with their work for 1 hour or more per day.

Promoting a dignified workplace

A policy statement and code of practice on measures to combat bullying and harassment of teaching staff in schools.

Smoking policy

This procedure seeks to protect non smokers from the effects of tobacco smoke in the workplace, promote the health of pupils and staff and to provide information and advice for those wishing to stop smoking. Updated to include e-cigarette's.

Assault on teachers

This document provides details of the level of payments to be made by employing authorities to teachers/dependents in the event of assaults on teachers, in the course of or as a consequence of his/her employment, which result in death or permanent disablement.

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