Recording pupil absences

Guidance for schools on the recording of pupil absences and non attendance statistics from 2002.

Management of pupil absence 

Since September 2006, a new standardised system of recording absences has been used in schools, following an update of the attendance module of the Classroom 2000 (C2K) system. This enables schools to record pupils' absences, the reasons for the absence and whether the absence is authorised or unauthorised. This new data has been collected as part of the annual school census exercise since 2006/07 school year and may be used in future years to inform the setting of targets on pupil attendance. 

This circular below provides guidance to schools on managing pupil attendance and on the use of C2k absence codes

Below is a sample template form that schools may wish to consider using as a notification form for completion by parents or carers when their child returns to school following an absence.

The following form should be used to remove a pupil from the general register of a school.

Attendance matters - A parent's guide

Attendance Matters - A Parent's Guide leaflet has been issued to all schools. Schools can print additional copies as required.

Non-attendance statistics

The Department of Education collects statistics on pupils referred by schools to the Education Authority's Education Welfare Service because of concerns about attendance. The statistics are provided by the Education Authority on an annual basis.

The statistics in the link below provide information about pupil attendance from the 2002/03 school year to the current year.

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