Acting-up appointments and honoraria payments

Policy for teaching staff regarding acting up appointments and honoraria payments.

Department policy

From 1 September 2011, an acting-up appointments and honoraria policy has been in place in respect of teachers temporarily undertaking acting-up appointments or additional duties and responsibilities for which an honorarium payment may be made from schools’ delegated budgets.

Schools should note that partial and full acting up appointments do not require the prior approval of DE and DFP and as such a formal business case does not need to be submitted.  However, schools should continue to submit a TR 268 Form to the Department for payment of acting up arrangements.

Schools are advised that any additional duties and responsibilities for which it is intended to remunerate a teacher must be treated as an honorarium.  These payments must have the prior approval of DE and DFP in all instances and a formal business case must be submitted to the relevant employing authority (Schools Finance Team in DE in the case of voluntary grammar and grant maintained integrated schools) using the pro-forma.

Schools should not enter into agreement with teachers to make such payments prior to receiving the necessary approval.   If approved, schools should submit a TR 267 (honoraria) form to the Department for payment, where appropriate.

Guidance and publications

A range of guidance material and associated application forms are available at acting-up allowances and honoraria publications.

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