Employment conditions and procedures

Further information and procedural guidance on the employment conditions for teaching staff.

Allegations of abuse against a member of staff

The purpose of this guidance is to provide advice to Principals and Boards of Governors (BoG) of educational institutions about dealing with allegations of abuse against a member of staff.


This circular supercedes TNC 2008/3 and provides details of the grievance procedure which a teacher, including a Principal or Vice Principal may use to raise a grievance with his/her employer.

This protocol is an addendum to relevant procedures.  Existing procedures serve the majority of those with a grievance/complaint however there may be occassions when co workers working for different employers/employing authorities wish to initiate a grievance/complaint against one or other.


This document outlines the mediation principles and procedure which will be used by the employers' internal mediation team.

Classroom Observation/Visits

Classroom observation is a regular practice in schools.  This guidance, which has been developed by the Management Side and the Teachers' Side of the Teachers' Salaries and Conditions of Service Committee, aims to share and promote good practice, acknowledging the role classroom observation can play in the improvement of learning and teaching and in the professional development of the teacher.

Performance review and staff development

This circular supersedes TNC 2009/10 and sets out the framework for the Performance Review and Staff Development Scheme which applies to all qualified teachers, other than beginning teachers or those participating in Induction or Early Professional Development (EPD).  The link below includes guidance material for Governors and Principals.

Effective teaching and leadership

These procedures are designed to assist Boards of Governors and Employing Authorities in adopting a consistent approach in instances where the work or aspects of the work of a Principal or Teacher is giving cause for concern.

School re-organisation

This Agreement sets out the common approaches to issues which may affect the Terms and Conditions of Employment of teachers arising from: the creation of a new school through the amalgamation of two or more existing schools/the closure of an existing school/the establishment of new models of schools governance within an area/the creation of a new jointly managed schools.

The attached Determination gives effect in law to new arrangements for payment of a Re-organisation Allowance.

Removal of default retirement age

 This agreement provides guidance for school principals regarding the removal of the default retirement age.

Workload agreement

This agreement by the Management and Teachers’ Sides of the Teachers’ Salaries and Conditions of Service Committee recognises the importance of the role of the professional Teacher in ensuring that the educational needs of young people are met as fully as possible.  


This procedure sets out the principles and procedures to be followed as soon as a redundancy situation has been identified by the relevant body. 

Bullying and harassment of teachers

This procedure sets out the procedures for a teacher to pursue a legitimate claim of bullying and/or harassment by another member of staff (teaching or support staff) within the context of their employment in the school. 

Planning, preparation and assessment

This document advises that  Principals and Board of Governors should evaluate the potential to introduce PPA time for all teachers in their school and attempt to timetable and guarantee this time where possible.

Primary teaching, principal release time

This circular sets out the arrangements from September 2008 for one additional day per week Principal release time for teaching Principals in small primary schools.  It also sets out the funding arrangements for the current financial year.

Teacher misconduct and disciplinary

This procedure has been drawn up to provide a fair and consistent way of dealing with alleged misconduct. They replace TNC 2007/5 and TNC 2008/4 and are effective from 22 November 2016.

Guidance on leadership pay

This is updated guidance on the salary placement for Principals and Vice-Principals.

Exceptional closures

This circular provides advice on the use of optional days and the circumstances in which the Department will consider a request from a school for an exceptional closure day.

Termination on grounds of capability

This procedure provides for the fair and consistent treatment of teachers in those circumstances where consideration is to be given to the termination of employment on the grounds of ill health or capability.


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