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The joint (teachers’ unions and management) working group progressing the Review of Accountability Framework produced a short communication in June 2022 seeking to update the teaching workforce on the significant work underway around the Development of Inspection and about what to expect in the new term.

A further information leaflet was produced in December 2022 providing more information about the purpose of inspections, expectations around documentation and what to expect from your District Inspector.

The Teachers’ Negotiating Committee (TNC) issued the following letter to all teachers on 24 April 2023 providing an update on the Workforce Review Project and a number of other issues pertinent to the teaching workforce which are being actively progressed through collaborative work between Management Side and Teacher Unions.


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How to request information from the Department of Education including Freedom of Information (FOI) and the use of our Publication Scheme. The Department publishes responses to requests for information made under FOI in its Disclosure Log

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