FOI/EIR Disclosure Log 2024

Information released in 2024


Date of Request Our Reference   Information released Business area
28/06/2024 DE/2024-0096 DE Observer at CCEA Council Meetings CCEA Sponsorship Team
20/06/2024 DE/2024-0091 Facilities Management Contract Departmental Business Services Team
20/06/2024 DE/2024-0088 Revenue received from tv and film industry last 10 years Departmental Business Services Team


Department  Budget, Revenue, and Staffing Departmental Business Services Team
07/06/2024 DE/2024-0085 Papers held on decision regarding approved enrolment at Moyle Primary School School Admissions Team
14/06/2024 DE/2024-0084 Reported Cocaine Incidents in last 12 months within schools in the Fermanagh Area Pupil Support Team
10/06/2024 DE/2024-0083 Breakdown of Minister visits by school type Private Office
07/06/2024 DE/2024-0081 Copy of the Executive paper for Strule capital commitment Fresh start Initiative
05/06/2024 DE/2024-0077 Period Pilot Scheme in Derry Region Tackling Educational Disadvantage Team
03/06/2024 DE/2024-0076 Social Media Monitoring Contract Press Office and Internal Communications Team
28/05/2024 DE/2024-0075 Number of Data Shares from the annual school census with the Department for Education in England or the Home Office Additional Educational Needs Team
28/05/2024 DE/2024-0074

What was the basis/reasons for the Minister of Education's decision to reject the proposal for the closure of the Queen Elizabeth ll Primary School? I would request these in their full extent and not summarised  you can please send to me in digital format

Area Planning Team
24/05/2024 DE/2024-0073 Capital spend over 10years by school and Constituency area Estate Policy and Financial Management Team
17/05/2024 DE/2024-0072 IT Questionnaire Information Management Team
16/05/2024 DE/2024-0071 Data Set Request for GCSE and A Level Statistics and Research Team
15/05/2024 DE/2024-0070 Religion and Ethnicity of pupils attending a list of schools between 1992-2004 Statistics and Research Team
10/05/2024 DE/2024-0069 Information held relating to the request to the Executive to reallocate funding to the Strule Campus Project Fresh Start Initiative Team
14/05/2024 DE/2024-0068 Period Products supplied to special schools in the last 5 years Tackling Educational Disadvantage Team
14/05/2024 DE/2024-0067 SEN MIS Provider and School Numbers Statistics and research Team
13/05/2024 DE/2024-0066 School data for pupils aged 11 or older Statistics and Research Team
13/05/2024 DE/2024-0065 Straidhavern Primary School Inspection report for 8 May 2024 Education & Training Inspectorate
07/05/2024 DE/2024-0064 Statistical Information for Straidhavern Primary School Statistics & Research Team
03/05/2024 DE/2024-0063 Facilities Management Contracts for the department Departmental Business Support Team
01/05/2024 DE/2024-0062 Incidents of racially motivated bullying Additional Educational Needs Team
26/04/2024 DE/2024-0059 Papers held relating to the appointment of an Interim Chief Executive at the Education Authority Private Office
23/05/2024 & 24/05/2024



CCEA Business cases and reports Teacher Education & Professional Learning & CCEA Sponsorship Team
20/04/2024 DE/2024-0056 Vacant land at Massey Avenue Belfast Asset Management Team
18/04/2024 DE/2024-0055 School Transport numbers and costings to implement a change to criteria Transport and Food Poverty Team
18/04/2024 DE/2024-0054 Office Supplies Contract Financial Reporting Team
17/04/2024 DE/2024-0053 Mobile Phone Contract Financial Reporting Team
16/04/2024 DE/2024-0052 Floor plans for St Brecans High School / Immaculate Conception College Estate Operations Team
11/04/2024 DE/2024-0051 Nursery / SEN Nursery Places Armagh Area Information Management Team
15/04/2024 DE/2024-0050 Documents relating to EA Director / Director and Assistant Director pay point Non Teaching Workforce Team
10/04/2024 DE/2024-0049 Lough Neagh Partnership Acquisition of Education Land Site and Legal Team
03/04/2024 DE/2024-0048 Nursery School contact details Information Management Team
03/04/2024 DE/2024-0047 Pension information relating to Service Teachers’ Pay and Pension Team
28/03/2024 DE/2024-0046 School enrolments integrated schools Information Management Team
28/03/2024 DE/2024-0045 School enrolments of a list of integrated schools Information Management Team
27/03/2024 DE/2024-0044 Educational Psychology waiting time Special Education Team
25/03/2024 DE/2024-0043 Brookeborough Shared Education Campus Fresh Start Team
22/03/2024 DE/2024-0042 School Preferences School Admissions Team
21/03/2024 DE/2024-0041 Department and ALB Tendering and Procurement Education technology and Procurement Team
20/03/2024 DE/2024-0040 Funding on a old DE Programme called Education Mutual Understanding Information Management Team
15/03/2024 DE/2024-0038 Elective Home Education Statistics Transport and Food Poverty Team
14/03/2024 DE/2024-0037 New build schools by council area and progress Major Capital Implementation Team
11/03/2024 DE/2024-0036 Funding criteria for upgrading pitches Estate Operations Team
12/03/2024 DE/2024-0035 Photography and video costs since restoration of he Assembly Press office and internal communications Team
11/03/2024 DE/2024-0034 Mental Health Workers in schools Pupil Support Team
07/03/2024 DE/2024-0032 Qualifications held by a play therapist at a school Information Management Team
05/03/2024 DE/2024-0031 Transactions over £25,000 Financial Reporting Team
02/03/2024 DE/2024-0030 Contact details for teachers, counsellors and psychologists Information management Team
01/03/2024 DE/2024-0029 Religious breakdown of teaching staff Statistics and Research Team
28/02/2024 DE/2024-0028 School data including free school meal percentage Information Management Team
27/02/2024 DE/2024-0027 GMI Schools with a Bursar Irish Medium and Integrated Education Team
26/02/2024 DE/2024-0026 IT Training Information Management Team
27/02/2024 DE/2024-0025 Contract Register Education Technology and Procurement Team
23/02/2024 DE/2024-0024 Sports pitches in schools in County Down Estate Operations Team
20/02/2024 DE/2024-0023 Information Management Team Staffing Information Management Team
13/02/2024 DE/2024-0022 Home school transport by private hire Transport and Food Poverty Team
12/02/2024 DE/2024-0021 Private Funding Initiative / Public Private Partnership Information Estate Police and Financial Management Team
12/02/2024 DE/2024-0020 Introductory materials prepared for the new Minister including First Day Brief Private Office
07/02/2024 DE/2024-0019 Social Media Influencer spend Press & Internal Communications Team
06/02/2024 DE/2024-0018 School Uniform Grant data Food in schools Team
02/02/2024 DE/2024-0017 Review of Modern Languages at GCSE & A Level Report Curriculum & Assessment Team
25/01/2024 DE/2024-0016 Letter of Comfort CCEA Organisation Review CCEA Sponsorship Team
26/01/2024 DE/2024-0015 School Information Information Management Team
15/01/2024 DE/2024-0014 Public Appointments Education Governance Team
22/01/2024 DE/2024-0013 Gas Electric Energy Management System  Contract Departmental business support team
18/01/2024 DE/2024-0012 Energy Management Departmental business support team
17/01/2024 DE/2024-0011 Equality Screenings for Ballytrea Primary School and Stewartstown Primary School Area Planning Team
17/01/2024 DE/2024-0010 Schools closed due to Industrial Action Information Management Team
16/01/2024 DE/2024-0009 Newcomer pupil information Statistics & Research Team
15/01/2024 DE/2024-0008 HR Resources available to GMI Schools Irish Medium & Integrated Education Team
12/01/2024 DE/2024-0007 List of Primary and Post Primary Schools in Northern Ireland Information Management Team
10/01/2024 DE/2024-0006 Costs relating to Judicial Review 267 relating to closure of St Mary’s PS Fivemiletown Area Planning  - Southern Region
04/01/2024 DE/2024-0005 Schools registered as having Asbestos Investment and Infrastructure Directorate
04/01/2024 DE/2024-0004 EdIS-22-001 Strategic Partner Services and School Management System (SMS) Solution Education Technology and Procurement Team
04/01/2024 DE/2024-0003 how many schools in Northern Ireland have had Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete detected in their buildings to date Estate Policy and Financial Management Team
04/01/2024 DE/2024-0002 How many schools have closed in Northern Ireland in each of the last five years, up to and including 2022/23 Governor Policy & Appointments Team
02/01/2024 DE/2024-0001 How many emails that the Department of Education has received from 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2023, for email address from North Down MLA's and MP? Information Management Team
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