Establishing an integrated school

Details on how to establish an integrated school and the criteria used for the approval process.

How to establish an integrated school

There are two ways in which an integrated school can be established.


Transformation is a process of change of status of an existing school to integrated status arising from a desire to provide an integrated school in an area.  If enough parents in a particular school would like integrated education in that school then they can seek a parental ballot to transform.

More information on transformation can be found from the Department's website at Integration Works – Transforming your School Guidance or by contacting Irish Medium and Integrated Education Project Team.  Work is ongoing on updating the Integration Works guidance, in line with the Integrated Education Act (Northern Ireland) 2022.

The purpose of this pack is to explain what is meant by integrated education and transformation, identify key issues which are likely to arise and how they might be addressed, outline the legal and administrative processes and requirements and provide details of the various sources of advice and assistance available. The pack is primarily intended for use by Boards of Governors of schools and school Principals either considering or in the process of transformation.

The Integrated Education Fund’s website (IEF) “Integrate My School” provides further information on transformation, and is designed to enable parents to register their support for their child’s school to become an integrated school. 

Establishment of a new grant-maintained school

If transformation is not a viable option parents can form a Parent Steering Group.  A Parent Steering Group is a group of individuals who come together to push for Integrated Education in their community.  For more information about starting a new school please visit the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE).

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