'Looked After Children' are those in the care of a Trust or who are provided with accommodation by a Trust. They may be living in residential homes or schools, with foster carers, or with a family relative or friend.

Personal Education Plans

This circular provides information for schools on the introduction of Personal Education Plans (PEP) for Looked After Children.

  • Annex A provides guidance on roles, responsibilities and completion of the Personal Education Plan
  • Annex B is a sample of Section 2 of the Personal Education Plan which will be sent out by the child/young person's social worker
  • Annex C is a list of contact details for Looked After Children Teams 

Quick reference Guides have been created to help with the completion of Section 2 of the Personal Education Plans.

  • PEP - Quick Reference Guide - Section 2

‚ÄčEducational Support

This resource booklet is a guide for educators of care-experienced children and young people in Northern Ireland.



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