School leavers

The following statistical bulletins contain information on the qualifications and destinations of Northern Ireland school leavers.


The Department of Education collects data annually on the highest qualification and destination of Northern Ireland grammar and secondary school leavers.  In addition to the qualifications and destination data, such items as year group, sex, ethnicity, religion, free school meal entitlement, special educational needs and the pupils home postcode are also collected. Other items such as the school management type are also included in the dataset.


Data relating to each of the year's listed may be accessed by clicking on the link for that year.

Qualifications and destinations of Northern Ireland school leavers 2002/03

The Department of Education’s statistical press release 'Qualifications and destinations of Northern Ireland school leavers 2002/03' had been preannounced for publication in June 2004.

Unfortunately, considerable difficulties have arisen with the data collection as a result of technical problems with new software installed in schools. These difficulties have delayed the returns, allowing insufficient time for destination data to be queried with schools – a necessary part of the validation process. The Department considers that attempting to contact schools with such queries in the summer term, or in the following school year, would be an unacceptable bureaucratic burden on schools. With regret, the proposed publication has therefore had to be cancelled.

Further information

More information on the school leavers data collection exercise can be accessed on the Department's website at School leavers - data collection and validation

Data requests

If you require information that is additional to that already published, contact the Statistics and Research Team (SRT).  We will conduct special analysis of data held upon request, where it is appropriate. 

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