Statistical publications schedule

Upcoming publication release dates are listed below. Publications are listed by the month they are released, up to one year ahead. Actual dates of release are added to the list at least four weeks before publication.

Publication Schedule


Year 12 and Year 14 examination performance at post primary schools in Northern Ireland 2021/22

7 December 2022

Enrolments at grant-aided schools 2022/23: Basic statistics

February 2023

Attendance at grant-aided primary, post-primary and special schools in Northern Ireland 2021/22

February 2023

Enrolments at schools and in funded pre-school education in Northern Ireland 2022/23

20 April 2023 Suspensions and Expulsions Experimental Statistics 2021/22
27 April 2023 Northern Ireland School Omnibus Survey 2022

27 April 2023

School Meals in Northern Ireland 2022/23

16 May 2023 The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) 2021

May/June 2023

Qualifications and Destinations of Northern Ireland School Leavers 2021/22

22 June 2023

Teacher workforce Statistics in grant-aided schools in Northern Ireland 2022/23

22 June 2023

Teacher vacancies, sickness absence and substitution statistics in grant-aided schools in Northern Ireland 2022/23




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