Every School a Good School (ESaGS)

The Department is committed to ensuring that every school is a good school and has identified raising standards and tackling underachievement as key priorities in enabling every young person to fulfil their potential at each stage of their development.

Every School a Good School – a policy for school improvement 

Published in 2009 this policy aims to support schools and teachers in their work to raise standards and overcome barriers to learning some pupils may face. This policy includes a requirement to provide focused support for schools which, as a result of inspection by the Education and Training Inspectorate, are found to be offering less than satisfactory provision for their pupils. This support is provided through the 'Formal Intervention Process'.

Count, Read: Succeed - A strategy for improving outcomes in literacy and numeracy

Literacy focuses on promoting and developing each child's ability to understand and use language as an integral part of the learning process across all areas of the curriculum.  This emphasis enables pupils to interact effectively with the world around them, to express themselves creatively and to communicate confidently using a variety of skills and media.

Numeracy enables pupils to apply mathematics across the curriculum and in real life situations.  Skills in numeracy should help our young people to make informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives.

Developing literacy and numeracy therefore must be central elements of a school's delivery of the revised curriculum.

Count, read: succeed - A Strategy for Improving Outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy was published in March 2011.  This strategy sets out an approach that is designed to support teachers and school leaders in raising levels of attainment in literacy and numeracy and narrow the current gaps in educational outcomes.

Selection of slides highlighting the key messages of Count, Read: Succeed

Literacy and Numeracy - Irish Medium Education

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