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PriceWaterhouseCoopers were commissioned in March 2010 to carry out a School Governors Research Project in the 2009/10 school year.  The researchers collected information through interviews with a number of stakeholders and a survey of governors.

Published 31 December 2010Research and analysis

Student achievement in Northern Ireland : Results in mathematics, science and reading among 15-year olds from the OECD PISA 2009 study.

Published 01 December 2010Research and analysis

This circular introduces the online Guide for governors and contains a brief summary of each chapter in the Guide.

Published 01 December 2010Circulars

This statistical bulletin presents an analysis of examination performance of pupils in year 12 and year 14 at post-primary schools in Northern Ireland for the 2009/10 academic year. Additional tables relating to the statistical bulletin can also be found below. 

Published 26 November 2010Statistical reports

This purpose of this statistical bulletin is to provide details of participation by 16 and 17 year olds in full-time education and vocational training in Northern Ireland (NI) for 2009/10.

Published 25 November 2010Statistical reports

The Department wrote to the Education and Library Boards (ELBs), VGS and GMIS in November 2010 confirming the position in relation to the provision of school meals in nursery schools and nursery units.  The letter can be viewed using the following links:

Published 16 November 2010Guidance literature

This Circular provides updated guidance for Principals and Boards of Governors on the Extended Schools programme.

Published 12 November 2010Circulars

Consultation response booklet to the Early Years Strategy

Published 01 November 2010Forms

The Effective Pre-school Provision in Northern Ireland (EPPNI) project is a longitudinal study that has investigated the development of children between the ages of 3 and 11 years.

Published 29 October 2010Research and analysis

Advice and guidance for schools on class sizes in practical subjects in post-primary schools.

Published 13 September 2010Correspondence

This letter is to remind schools that they can assume the Department's approval for an increase in class size as set out in paragraph 6 of Circular 2004/05.

Published 13 September 2010Correspondence

Increase in teachers' salary rates from 1 September 2010

Published 01 September 2010Circulars

These guidelines advise Principals and schools’ Boards of Governors on how to identify ‘newcomer’ (formerly known as EAL) children and document this accordingly and also provide clarification of the criteria to be applied when designating a pupil as ‘ne

Published 24 August 2010Guidance literature

This circular provides updated guidance on the education of children from the Traveller community. It also provides guidance for all schools on the inclusion of the Traveller community in our schools.

Published 23 August 2010Circulars

The Teacher Education Partnership Handbook draws together in one place guidance for student teachers, early career teachers, teacher-tutors and others with a role in the three main stages of early teacher education.

Published 16 August 2010Guidance literature

The purpose of this statistical bulletin is to provide analysis of the latest annual collections relating to teacher numbers, teacher vacancies and Pupil : Teacher ratios in grant-aided schools in 2009/10.

Published 05 August 2010Statistical reports

Department of Education review of capital projects - 5 July 2010

Published 05 July 2010Corporate reports

Statistics on pupil attendance, pupil performance, leavers' destinations and teacher workforce, produced by the Department underwent assessment by the Statistics Authority in Autumn 2009 in conjunction with assessments conducted on education statistics in the other regions

Published 01 July 2010Statistical reports

Advertisement template for construction contracts

Published 29 June 2010Guidance literature

The Education Minister's 2010 statement to the Assembly on the Department's review of all school capital projects.

Published 29 June 2010Speeches and statements

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