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The policy sets out six criteria and associated indicators that should provide a framework for helping to consider issues of school sustainability.

Published 14 January 2009Policy papers

This Scheme sets out the criteria and procedure to request flexible working arrangements.

Published 02 January 2009Circulars

This document explains how statutory annual leave entitlement is to apply when a teacher is absent on maternity leave, and should be read in conjunction with TNC 2008/1 Teachers’ Occupational Maternity Leave Scheme.

Published 01 January 2009Circulars

This document defines the policy which applies to job sharing arrangements for teachers, including principals and vice principals in schools.

Published 01 January 2009Circulars

This document provides details of the career break scheme for teachers.

Published 01 January 2009Circulars

This Investment Delivery Plan (IDP) relates to the Schools and Youth Services investment sub-pillar within the Investment Strategy for NI 20082018 (ISNI).

Published 11 November 2008Financial plans and reports

This circular provides an amendment on the advice related to transfer of pupil details between schools as outlined in Circular 2007/18 on the introduction of Unique Pupil Numbers in post primary schools.

Published 30 October 2008Circulars

The purpose of this Circular is to draw attention to the Grammar Schools (Charges) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2008.

Published 10 October 2008Circulars

This Review is an important part in the ongoing development of Irish-medium Education as a valued part of the education system.

Published 09 October 2008Consultation reports

Increase in teachers' salary rates from 1 September 2008

Published 30 September 2008Circulars

This purpose of this statistical bulletin is to provide details of participation by 16 and 17 year olds in full-time education and vocational training in Northern Ireland (NI) for 2007/08.

Published 30 September 2008Statistical reports

The purpose of this publication is to present findings from the Northern Ireland Omnibus Survey - Education module 2008.

Published 30 September 2008Research and analysis

Joint Department of Education/ETI letter to schools about the arrangements for managing the programme for implementing the revised curriculum and the approach to the associated inspection arrangements.

Published 30 September 2008Correspondence

This circular provides advice on the introduction and transfer of Unique Pupil Numbers in primary schools and special schools.

Published 26 June 2008Circulars

This circular sets out the arrangements from September 2008 for one additional day per week Principal release time for teaching Principals in small primary schools.

Published 24 June 2008Circulars

The purpose of this statistical bulletin is to provide analysis of the latest annual collections relating to teacher numbers, teacher vacancies and Pupil : Teacher ratios in grant-aided schools in 2007/08.

Published 24 June 2008Statistical reports

The purpose of these statistics is to present suspensions and expulsions figures for schools for the 2007/08 academic year. It includes information on the rates of suspension and expulsion and the reason for suspension and expulsion.

Published 15 June 2008Statistical reports

This circular supercedes TNC 2008/3 and provides details of the grievance procedure which a teacher, including a Principal or Vice Principal may use to raise a grievance with his/her employer.

Published 01 June 2008Guidance literature

This Circular advises that as from 1 August 2008 substitute teachers employed by schools must be booked on-line via the Northern Ireland Substitute Teachers Register.

Published 14 May 2008Circulars

This circular advises that the Department of Education, in exercise of the powers conferred by the Special Educational Needs and Disability (Northern Ireland) Order 2005, has made two sets of regulations which make it unlawful for general qualifications bodies to discriminate

Published 09 May 2008Circulars

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